Right before Independence Day, a Firework Shortage

Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 9:20 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Hot dogs, American flags, and HOPEFULLY fireworks. All parts of the traditional fourth of July weekend celebration. But, as we near fourth of July weekend, the US is facing a fireworks shortage.

A National Firework shortage is putting a dent in consumers’ plans for 4th of July weekend. Steven Marson, CEO of Central Maine Pyrotechnics and Pyro City Fireworks, says consumer stores around the country are seeing 50-60% of their usual inventory.

“We ordered 8 containers of consumer fireworks and I only received 3.”

He says one issue is that shipping containers are sitting on the west coast waiting to be unloaded by dock workers who don’t exist. The struggle to staff the ports only adds to the fact that shipping costs have more than doubled and product prices are up 30%

“It’s all about supply and demand. the problem is, there’s a lot of demand, we don’t have a supply. July 4 is gonna come, this is the big week when fireworks are sold across the country and basically everybody across the united states has minimal inventory.”

Marson says he does have enough product for backyard Independence Day parties, but the shipments are slow, and the season is short.

“I have containers, Ones shipping out July 16, one is already shipped, one is shipped this past weekend. I won’t see them for the next 30-45 days...People use them all summer long, but the next big thing is Labor Day then you hit Christmas and new year, then sales drop off.”

Meanwhile display fireworks are readily available for commercial firework shows. Marson says that so many events were canceled last year that they have plenty of display fireworks left over, and your local festivals will be well stocked.

But if you manage to get your hands on fireworks, Marson says to remember your neighbors,

“Be respectful and be neighborly, if you have neighbors that have dogs animals horses whatever it is, pick up the phone and call them go knock on the door and tell them you’re doing a firework show.”

And as always, maintain a safe distance from the fireworks, don’t point them at your friends, and read the instructions.

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