Houlton’s Fourth of July parade didn’t take a rain check

Published: Jul. 5, 2021 at 11:42 AM EDT
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HOULTON, Maine (WAGM) - There was a little rain on this parade, but that didn’t stop Houlton’s streets from being lined with people holding umbrellas and wearing rain boots for the return of its 4th of July parade.

“You cant have a fourth of July parade on the fifth so we just decided to do it anyway,” said Jane Torres, executive director of the Greater Houlton Chamber of Commerce.

Torres says around 50 people signed up to participate in the parade and nearly everyone joined in. There were bubbles, candy, clowns, and more. The parade ended a four day celebration in Houlton that coincided with the Houlton Fair.

“She loves it she got to ride the moosemania monster truck yesterday, and we watched the demolition derby, we wish they had rides though,” said attendee Matt Snell about his daughter adn the fair..

Some brought tents to shelter from the rain, like the residents of the Madigan Nursing Home. Mary Hill and Toni Barnett attended the parade with their grandmother, and say, for seniors who had seen every fourth of July in their lifetime until last year’s cancellation, this parade was important.

“This is a big deal, it’s one of the first times they’re getting to spend time with their families,” said Hill.

“I think this is the most normal thing I’ve been to in a year and a half,” added Barnett.

People were definitely a little more bundled up than most July 4ths.

“People are here and its cold,” said Torres.

But even with the rain, the return of the Houlton fourth of July parade brought many smiles and didn’t miss a beat.

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