Aroostook Riders show their appreciation for landowners

Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 1:05 PM EDT
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MONTICELLO, Maine (WAGM) - Aroostook’s ATVers honored land owners this weekend in Monticello. Rhian Lowndes has more

“Today is all about the land owner...they give us the use of this land every year provided we take care of it and what we’re trying to do is just give something back to them”

Todd Cameron, president of the aroostook riders says ATV clubs rely on private land owners who offer their property up for trails. The clubs maintain the trails and work hand in hand with the landowners, and that relationship is essential for ATVing in the county

“Last year alone Maine has lost over 500 miles of trail not necessarily for club negligence but for people that don’t follow the rules they tear stuff up”

And so nurturing that relationship is important. Wilderness Pines campgrounds hosted a bounce house and barbecue, as well as live music and of course, ATVs

“its great to see especially a land owner appreciation event. The thousands upon thousands of miles that the state has that are taken care of essentially by the clubs-- if it weren’t for the land owners there’d be no place to ride”

Club members and landowners came together to celebrate their collaboration...and to enjoy some good food. Rhian lowndes newssource8

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