Ashland boys soccer players travel almost an hour to continue playing the sport they love

Published: Sep. 3, 2021 at 11:11 AM EDT
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DYER BROOK , Maine (WAGM) -The SAHS and Ashland Cooperative boys soccer team debuted earlier this week. Ashland did not have enough players to field a team and SAHS was struggling with numbers so this was a win win for both schools

(Austin White):” I sat down with Cliff our Athletic Director and we went over some numbers that we had for kids. Our numbers were low and then we found out that Ashland was not able to field a team, so the Athletic Directors got together and they talked. They came up with a plan to combine schools. It has worked out very well. We have two kids from Ashland and possibly a third coming. They have bonded very well with our team.”

Inyas Janoch and Benjamin Howes are making the almost hour ride to Dyer Brook for practices in games. They are very fortunate that their parents are willing to car-pool to transport them back and forth. Howes and Janoch both say that soccer is one of their favorite sports and they are very grateful to SAHS for extending the invitation to play.

(Inyas Janoch):” So happy I got the chance to come down here and play. It opened up a lot more doors for me.”

(Benjamin Howes):” It is I would say my main sport would be baseball, but this one really keeps me going and it helps me.”

Coach White and Janoch both say the Warriors were very welcoming to their new teammates .

White:” Very fun season. They have shown really good work ethic together. They communicate really well and I am looking forward to it.”

Janoch:” I was a little concerned I would feel a little left out when we started games and stuff. It has been really nice. They really accepted me into the group, and we had a great time.”

Howes and Janoch both know they will be spending a lot of time in cars traveling back and fourth this fall, It will get a little more challenging for the Ashland student Athletes once schools resumes next week. The two players say they will be busy juggling academics and soccer, but they feel it will all be worth it. When they were asked a couple of weeks ago about continuing their soccer careers they jumped at the chance.

Howes:” There was no hesitation at all. We immediately said yeah we will do it. We don’t know how it will work, but we will do it.”

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