UMFK’s New Athletic Director talks about her goals

Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 10:45 AM EDT
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FORT KENT, Maine (WAGM) - The University of Maine Fort Kent has a new athletic Director. Rene Cloukey caught up with Carly Flowers to talk about the transition.

The University of Maine Fort Kent has been very successful over the last 15 years and Carly Flowers is hoping to continue that success.

(Carly Flowers):” I am really excited to be here. It is a change of pace coming from the coaching world evolved into leading a department. I am excited for the challenge. I think I can impact more student athletes this way. Help with a variety of sports with men and women. I have a background with just women’s basketball so now I can get involved in all different areas, so I am excited to be here and help build the program up.”

The Bengals always have scheduling challenges due to their location. Most years they schedule games against Canadian schools, but at this time with the border still closed that has become a challenge to fill schedules.

Flowers:” We have had to get creative with three or four day trips and playing games and cramming them in when we are traveling. We already went on a trip to New York and gone out to Pennsylvania. We are trying to spread out a little bit to get a lot of games in a short period of time.”

She says they do have some home contests scheduled for all of their teams.

Flowers:” Each team has three to four home games some getting to the five and six range. We managed to get some, but it is difficult.”

The Bengals have been very successful in the USCAA and they will continue to compete in that Association, but they are also keeping options open Flowers:” Always looking for different opportunities and things that might come up. Right now we are sticking with the USCAA and see how things progress. We are always looking for ways to grow and improve on what we are doing.”

A challenge that is not unique to the University of Maine Fort Kent is the fact their teams took most of last year off because of COVID 19

Flowers:” I think there was a challenge, especially the athletes they were ready to go. They wanted to do stuff wanted to play. I can’t even imagine being an athlete and not being able to play for more than a year. It was a challenge, they get really creative. Zoom become extremely popular and being able to meet with them that way. They were able to get on the field and the court a little bit and play a couple of games in the spring and that was really important to the athletes for sure.”

The Athletic Director is confident that the athletes will get to compete for the Bengals in several sports this year. Rene Cloukey NewsSource Sports