Hospital CEOs give final thoughts

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 5:47 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Tonight we wrap up our week long series with the four local hospital CEOs. Tonight I asked them, what is one thing you want to say to the community. Here is their responses.

“Be patient with us. Everybody either wants a vaccine, like yesterday or wants to get tested, wants to have a certain procedure and we have to prioritize when we’re in this pandemic. And I know that people lose their patience when they come into our front doors and we’re still screening and mandating masking, and not allowing visitors, you know, when we had COVID patients and we had four of them die in our hospital and the family is upset with us because they have to look through a glass to say their last goodbyes. It’s hard to understand, but we’re trying to save our staff. We’re trying to save the patients around us. All we’re asking is for, as everybody’s doing the best they can, but be patient,” said Peter Sirois, CEO of Northern Maine Medical Center.

“Please take all the advice that we’ve been providing you, that your physician has been providing you, that anybody that’s in health care has been telling you. Get vaccinated, socially distance, mask, wash your hands. It’s not over. And unfortunately we’re going into flu season and we have a whole another set of issues that we need to work through,” said Kris Doody, CEO of Cary Medical Center.

“Helping us help you is about the best thing you can do. Get that vaccine, take it, and do all the things that we’ve been talking about for the last 18 months. Now’s the time, more than ever. This is very real. We’ve heard a number of times that in some patients those patients say, well, if I had COVID, I would know it. I know the difference between COVID and just a cold. We’ve seen that time and time again not ring true. So really the best thing that people can do, if they feel any symptom whatsoever, get tested and begin the isolation immediately. That will stop this in its tracks,” said Shawn Anderson, CEO of Houlton Regional Hospital.

“We’re all planning, we’re all working together to make sure that we’ve got as much capacity in the county, as we can have to take care of whatever presents. And we’d asked for the communities to do the same. I mean, there’s a shared responsibility here. We’ve got to each cover our lane. I think on a health care side we’ve got experience from last time around. I think we’re in great shape in our planning cycles right now, but we also need the community to do their part as well,” said Greg LaFrancois, CEO of Northern Light AR Gould.

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