This week is national midwifery week

Published: Oct. 5, 2021 at 10:38 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -In light of this week being national midwifery week, Megan Cole spoke with a midwife at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital and has the story.

“A certified nurse is someone who has a bachelors degree in nursing and then has taken additional training to become certified in midwifery.”

Lauren Walker, a certified nurse midwife for Northern Light AR Gould Hospital, says a midwife can do a variety of things.

“We do a lot of office visits too. We do birth control, we do annual well women exams, we do STD testing, if you have women’s health concerns you can see us about any of that stuff too.”

Walker says there are some things they aren’t able to do.

“The doctors are prepared to take care of higher levels patients than we are. We specialize in healthy low risk pregnancies. That being said, there’s quite a continuation of health and there are a lot of things in pregnancy that we’re trained to assess for, watch for, and can manage some things that crop up along the way in a pregnancy. So we can’t do our own C-sections, we don’t do any surgeries. We are trained to first assist so if someone was planning to have a C-section certainly can still see a midwife with their pregnancy, we would just have them meet with the docs at some point to get that scheduled to talk about what that looks like but we could be in the OR with them on the other side of the table with the doctor assisting with the procedure.”

Walker says some midwives can assist in home births and do support a more hands off natural approach to labor, but can offer an epidural or pain management for a patient.

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