LORE Motorcycle Education classes kicking off in Aroostook County

Published: May. 30, 2023 at 10:39 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and LORE motorcycle education classes are kicking off in Aroostook County. News Source 8′s Isaac Potter has the story.

Warm temperatures and sunshine have arrived in the County, so are people are taking advantage and hitting the road on their Motorcycles. Riders gathered at the Aroostook Centre Mall on Saturday for the LORE motorcycle education class.

John Reeves, Owner/Instructor for LORE Motorcycle Education, says “We are conducting the classes that we offer, the basic rider course and these are for students that want to earn their endorsement for motorcycles or their permit or just experience what it is to ride on a motorcycle.”

As May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, Reeves says having these classes is important for not only the riders safety, but also for helping let the public know that more riders will be on the roads.

John Reeves: “Weather is obviously getting warmer so that motorcyclists come out more in the warmer weather, and they haven’t seen motorcyclists for the winter and the fall. Lots of the colder fall days, so it’s more of an awareness for the regular public that motorcyclists are out there, look twice is the saying.”

In order for motorcyclists to ride in Maine legally, they have to take a basic rider course. Reeves adds now that it is the springtime, it is important for people to refresh their skills since they have not ridden for months.

John Reeves: “Go to a parking lot and practice starting and stopping. Everybody likes to giddy up go, and ride out on the roads and so forth. Wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth kind of thing, but we also have slow down and stop on occasion. That’s where a lot of students and riders aren’t as well practiced and thats what really needs to be worked on as well.”

Reeves says one of the best parts of teaching these classes is watching the students grow.

John Reeves: “Seeing how students come in the very beginning, what their baseline is. And then their growth over the course of the two days. What they achieved in the course of the two days, they may not meet what their goals were initially, but they all did learn something and they all did progress through skill development.”

An exciting time for motorcyclists as they get ready to hit the roads for the summer. Isaac Potter News Source 8.