Pineland Farms held it's 2nd food drive

Published: May. 9, 2020 at 12:04 PM EDT
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Cars lined up at the Aroostook Centre Mall for another Pineland Farms food drive.

According to Shawn Lovely, the plant manager for Pineland Farms potato company, they did a food drive like this a month ago to help out people and decided to do it again because the demand was so high. This month, they gave out an additional 4500 boxes filled with potatoes, eggs, and cheese.

He adds that while today was the last day for this food drive, they are willing to do this again.

"We’re playing it by ear based on need. I think this’ll be our last for a while but if there’s a need and we hear from communities that say hey we really got a food need, theres some out there and we’ll get that group back together and do certain locations. "

Lovely adds that they gave away more than 10,000 food boxes between the two food drives.