Veterans Table - Joseph Lind

Published: Apr. 23, 2020 at 10:39 AM EDT
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Joseph Lind: "I went over when I was 18. By the time I was 19, I don't know how many missions I was on."

Robert: Joseph Lind, an Army Veteran, recalls the intensity of Vietnam. Along with his infantry company, he completed over 140 separate missions, saying they often had to fight fire with fire.

Joseph Lind: "Seems like every time there was a major operation, we were -- my company was the spearhead of it. And when we went in, well we went in guns blazing."

Robert: Like many during Vietnam, Joseph fought in one violent firefight after another -- through the Central Highlands, the A Shau Valley, and Khe Sahn. He vividly remembers one particular close call during combat.

Joseph Lind: "I came close one time -- again in the A Shau Valley, of course in a rice patty. And there was somebody shooting a rifle from behind a tree. And I saw a couple of my buddies get hit. And I felt -- I saw a bullet coming at me. And I felt the heat..."

Robert: Thankful to survive that close call, four months later Joseph returned home from Vietnam. Never fully escaping the memories of combat, he was candid in explaining his own hardships and struggles with PTSD. Following the war, Joseph soon made it his personal mission to assist others who were suffering as well, continuing to pay it forward through his service.

Joseph Lind: "Well, when you're on doing missions, you don't allow yourself the luxury of feeling. You can't. Because of me, and other guys like me, there's now help for guys coming back. I became a nursing supervisor, so I used my medical knowledge to help others. And I did my best to try and do my part."

Robert Grimm, News Source 8.


--Joseph Lind, Vietnam Army Veteran | Bangor, ME]

Aired: April 22, 2020