Veterans Table - MVH-Caribou & National Skilled Nursing Care Appreciation

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 7:52 PM EDT
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Graham: "We've always had a great team at MVH-Caribou. But this situation has brought us closer in an effort to battle this virus."

Page: "This year we've had to think outside the box. And our main goal is to really stay positive and focus on what we could do."

Robert: COVID-19 has brought a number of challenges, and has disrupted the lives of many; – including our veteran population, and the nurses and caregivers who selflessly work and provide 365 to those who have served within our community. Now finding themselves on the front lines, our appreciation and support of all nursing staff is of the upmost importance. Maine Veterans' Home in Caribou is one of the many local organizations that recognizes that, providing additional benefits, aid and pay support to its entire staff during the pandemic.

Graham: "We know this has been a difficult time. And at Maine Veterans' Home, to the staff in all of our homes, we value their hard-work. And we know that without them, we could not provide the compassionate care that our veterans and families deserve."

Robert: Recently honoring and celebrating National Skilled Nursing Care Week, our local-area nurses constantly go above and behind -- finding creative solutions to counter COVID's challenges, especially in maintaining a sense of everyday life and activity for the veteran residents.

Page: "We have really come together as a team, to do more one-to-one individual programs. Because of the social distancing, we're limited. However, we have tried to remain with some normalcy."

Graham: "For husbands and wives, this may be the longest they've gone without seeing each other for maybe 40 or 50 years. But what we've done to help with that anxiety and separation is our staff has setup scheduled virtual visits. We also have a website, where our families can send in messages and pictures. And our staff shares that with the residents which is great. And now that warmer weather is here we're starting to do window visits as well."

Robert: Reaching out and staying connected with others is a way for all of us to come together, helping us get through these trying times. With Memorial Day just around the corner, it's of course an important reminder in always supporting, honoring and giving thanks to our veteran community, and additionally those within the nursing and healthcare field who are constantly caring for our County Heroes.

Graham: "As I read emails to the staff, they get choked up, as well as I do. Because it's just validation of the hard-work that they're doing and the sacrifices they're making every day to come in and take care of our veterans. For me, additional emails to the staff would be really appreciated. Just so that we can share, and remind our team that they're important and what they're doing every day is a great sacrifice."

Robert Grimm, News Source 8.


--Melissa Graham | Administrator, Maine Veterans' Homes-Caribou;

--Karen Page | Activities Supervisor, Maine Veterans' Homes-Caribou]

Aired: May 20, 2020